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Our cat boarding accommodations are clean and comfortable, and all our feline guests enjoy regular and loving attention . In order to provide them a safe and relaxing experience, our cat boarding guests receive their own special Kitty Condos in a dog-free building.

Cat Boarding............ $17 Daily

Health matters:

  Your Cat must be up to date with vaccinations:

  • Rabies

  • Distemper 

  • Please bring a copy of his records for us.

cat boarding.png
Beautiful Gray Cat

Comforts of home:

  We ask that you bring an adequate supply of your Cat's normal food. Maintaining his/her usual diet prevents stomach upset and decreased appetite. . We supply each cat with a blanket for their comfort, but you are welcome to bring toys, favorite blankets or bones for your cat's enjoyment. We will try to return these items in good condition.

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